Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty much anything you need to know about the region of Espionage can be found here.

Why is the region called 'Espionage'?

Think about it...Espionage....a one worded, ominous title...tottally awesome. Not only that, but Espionage is the base for the Interegional Espionage Assembly.

What is Espionage's position on invasion?

We don't invade. Well, okay....we do. But we use espionage to soften up the enemy first. Muahahaha! But if we do any invading, it would be liberation or if we were at war...well...Hasta La Bye-Bye enemy!

Who are Eonic, Mikmo, and Dougmo?

Eonic, Mikmo, and Dougmo are the founders of Espionage. Eonic controls New Emperica. Mikmo controls Mikmodia, and Dougmo controls Korea Bain. They update the Espioblog and run the forum/regional embassy.

What are the Defcon levels?

The Defcon Levels go as follows...

DEFCON 5: Peacetime

DEFCON 4: Troops On Active Duty

DEFCON 3: Troops On Alert.

DEFCON 2: Troops Ready To Be Deployed.

DEFCON 1: Troops Deployed.

What is our World Assembly position?

Espionage currently supports the World Assembly, and seeks to gain stature and power through it. Currently, WA Membership is completly voluntary.

What is the Regional Embassy?

The Regional Embassy is there to spare the Regional Message Board from endless negotiation messages. Negotiations and declarations of war are posted there.